Caves of Lore

Unlock the mysteries and secrets

of a forgotten kingdom

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About the Game

What is Caves of Lore?

Caves of Lore is a turn-based CRPG that combines elements of environmental exploration and character interaction with tactical, grid-based combat. The story focuses on a small island in the world of Solmaria.

What games were an influence?

Ultima 6, The Magic Candle, Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday and Final Fantasy all come to mind. These are just some of the games that I grew up with, and there are elements from each in Caves of Lore.

The World of Solmaria


Solmaria is vast, but our story focuses on Emerisk, a town on the island of Springhold, and the caves beneath it. This island holds ancient civilizations and secrets, and is key to what is transpiring in the world.


Around Solmaria circle three moons, each of which cause changes in the world and hide terrible and wonderful secrets. Many things on Solmaria react to moonrise and moonfall, including monsters and heroes, spells, magical runes that lock away secrets, and even portals to other worlds.


Everything seems fairly straightforward at first. Monsters, dark lord, etc… or maybe, there is more to this story than can yet be seen…


Fearsome Monsters

Creatures long since vanished have returned to the land. Their fear of man is gone, and they rise from the deep places.

Over 50 unique monsters await your discovery.

A Small Village

Emerisk is hidden in the rocky hills of Springhold, forgotten by the world, but not by the evil that laid waste to kingdoms of old.

Peaceful Folk

The inhabitants of Emerisk, a small village on the ilse of Springhold, know that the world is changing, but they cannot see why, or how it has affected them.

30 Unique NPCs are ready to interact.

Character Interaction

Many characters in Caves of Lore have daily routines and can be seen moving about town. Speaking with them is an important part of understanding the world, uncovering secrets, getting quests and purchasing items.


Characters in the party can also talk with you when making camp, and your party makeup determines some of the things said in cutscenes.


Characters set as the party leader will also comment on their surroundings from time to time.

Playable Characters, Character Creation
and Character Progression

The game starts with the main character, Lannon, alone, but very soon accompanied by an animal companion. Lannon can be renamed and given custom stats and traits (passive effects).



Stats use a point system to distribute or be random (for higher or lower than average). As the game progresses, new characters are found and the party makeup can be customized. 


There are no character classes. Skills, abilities and spells can be leveled through action, and Skills can be increased after your character levels up. New abilities and traits can be purchased at that time as well. 



During gameplay, characters can be swapped out for different move speeds and a unique trait that each character possesses. The party leader (visible character), is used as the main roller for skills checks, but the party contributes a little as well.

The Arcane

Magic is real, though some have forgotten. Through the ages it has appeared in many forms and accessed through many arcane studies.


It has returned yet again, and is ready to help you in your fight.


Over 65 unique spells can help give you the tactical advantage against your enemies.

Weapons, Item Enchantments and Potions

There are over 40 weapons in Caves of Lore, some of them quite unique, with special names and abilities.

Items can have damage types, material types and a number of other attributes. All of these contribute to their use and effectiveness against certain creatures.

From leather armors to legendary pieces, collecting item sets can grant synergy bonuses for wearing multiples of that type at once.

Over 100 individually unique enchantments are possible, some with their own sub-variables. Items with multiple enchantments offer tens of thousands of possible variations that can be combined with an items existing stats to create powerful items.

Potions can be collected and brewed with a recipe and the right ingredients, and can shift the tides of battle.

Over 360 base items can be found and used for all manner of things

The Moons

The three moons

Many secrets are locked away by the moons of Solmaria. Their presence affects the world in ways both known and unkown. Pay close attention to their movements, in order to take advantage of the power they give.